On Children

Being a father or mother is to hold the future in your hands.

The past is gone, and dwelling on it can only hide the reality….
The future is taking shape and is influenced by our choices today.

I salute the parents who bring up well-adjusted, civilized children that are a credit to the society they live in.

However, they are also deeply blessed by the creator who found them worthy of this trust.

I am reminded of hikam #90 from Ibn Ata’illah’s Book of wisdom “Al Hikam”

“It is reward enough for worship that He has
accepted you as worthy of it”

The parents don’t need my congratulations. The smile they get from their happy children are more than enough for them, and the sadaqah-jariya which their children will become is the greatest investment they could ever make in terms of the love, effort and education/guidance they provide.

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