On Movies (and Other Packaged Experiences)

just watched the Dark Knight. Conclusions:

1. Finally.. I’ve decided that movies are a complete waste of time. I don’t watch sports (much), and I no longer have any interest in movies (hmm.. does not apply to cartoons).
2. Contemporary plots are so simplistic and they really stretch the boundaries of believability to be ‘differentiated’. If I do watch anything, I’m going to stick to the classics.
3. I want my three hours back. I have notes to write up, books to read, and corrections to make. If nothing else, at least I can spend some time with the family, play a game of chess or do some contemplation instead. Every breath that goes forth is a Gift, and decreed by destiny; how can we waste blocks of time like this?

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One Response to “On Movies (and Other Packaged Experiences)”

  1. Naureen Madhani Says:

    Hey. I agree with you completely! Movies are a complete waste of time, esp when they are crap! I can do a good one with good plot, humour and artistic talent coming through. Have NO patience with nonsense! Id rather read a book, spend some time with Rida or SLEEP!

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