Letter to Michael Ignatieff about the Flotilla Assault

I wrote a letter today to the leader of the Liberal in Canada (Michael Ignatieff). The text is given below. Please take the time to write to your member of parliament or the leader of your party. Their email addresses are available at parl.gc.ca

Dear Michael,
I am an active member of the Liberal party, hoping to wrest the Carleton-Mississippi Mills riding (around Kanata, ON) away from the Conservatives in the next elections.

I am been waiting for a statement from the Liberal party in regards to the inhuman murder of innocent aid workers in international waters. A few days ago, Israeli commandos boarded an aid convoy (the freedom flotilla) in international waters, and shed the innocent blood of humanitarian workers. They brazenly claimed that the killings were in self-defense, which is patently untrue, as they were the assaulting party (an aggressor cannot claim self-defense).

Isn’t it against our values to silently condone the oppression of 1.5 million people in Gaza? Doesn’t the Liberal party of Canada stand for freedom, protection of the weak and the end of state-oppression?

I know hundreds of people who are very angry about this injustice, including quite a few in the Etobicoke riding.

When the whole world insists that the blockage should end, shouldn’t we also add our voices and efforts to make this happen?

We are looking to you to make a difference as our leader, and one entrusted with the representation of the Canadian people.

Best Regards,


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