Thank you to Michael Ignatieff

Michael Ignatieff made a statement yesterday about the assault on the Freedom Flotilla.

Although I would have wanted a stronger condemnation, I respect his desire to get more facts before establishing guilt. However, I do expect pressure to end the blockage from Canada.

I sent him a quick thank you yesterday:

Dear Michael,
Thank you for your statement condemning the attack on the humanitarian flotilla recently in Gaza.

I am proud to have a leader who stands for what is right. Steve Harper on the other hand, is a complete disgrace, he stood with the leader of the regime that sanctioned the killing of innocent aid workers, giving him comfort and support when he should have been condemning Netanyahu’s actions.

It would be great if we could work to ensure that the sacrifice made by the humanitarian aid workers does not go in vain, and that the blockade of Gaza is lifted. There are incredible parallels with what is happening in Gaza to the events that led to the
Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

How can an entire people be put under such apartheid-like oppression, where they are not even allowed access to the materials required to reconstruct their homes?

We all pray for peace and understanding in this world, and I am proud to be living in a country where freedom and protection of the individual is accorded the highest status.



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