Murder in the Middle-East

I am stillĀ  marveling that Netanyahu still insisits that the commandos killed in ’self-defence’.. they boarded a ship in international waters. That is piracy.

They attacked and killed aid-workers. That is murder.

If they were concerned about ‘arms-smuggling’ for Hamas, they could have requested an inspection of the ship. That would be the civilized way to deal with this. Lies, lies and more lies.

On top of that, he wants to ‘prosecute’ the people who resisted the piratical assault. What arrogance, what nerve. It’s one thing to occupy by force, and keep 1.5 million ’stateless’ people in apartheid-like subjugation. It’s another thing to try the same with citizens of several countries in Western Europe, North America and with Turkey.

This just shows that power does corrupt; it goes straight to the head. The evil regime in Israel is a land-grabbing mafia, that has heartlessly exploited international geo-politics to their advantage. They have nothing to do with the peaceful religion of Abraham, Moses, Sulaiman and David. Let us not be fooled by their lies. I know so many Jews in North America that are fine people, and disown these acts done by the Israeli Govt.

If the evil regime in Israel did not have the cover of the American UN veto, this entire scenario would have been unsustainable a long time ago. If there is a veto cast this time, it will irreparably shred the US’s reputation, and essentially make the UN security council irrelevant.

This inhuman embargo on 1.5 million people has to end. It’s gone on for far too long.

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