Water (and Other Blessings)

I pondered today the fact that life is so dependent on water. Entire communities live and die by it’s existence. Most cities that have been developed over the centuries have been built near waterways for so many related reasons.

Indeed, we should not be so arrogant as to imagine that our good deeds that have been so painstaking assembled will serve us in the next world. When the Almighty asks the blessings he has so generously bestowed upon us to take their dues from us, we should not be surprised to see that any one of the blessings will more than equal ALL our good deeds.

It could be your eyesight, the ability to walk, the warm sun which delights us and causes the crops to blossom, or the stuff of life — water — which we dismiss so easily, and which is the most important of resources.

It is only the mercy of the Almighty that will magnify our good deeds, and give us hasanat for the bad deeds that we refrained from committing that will ease the way to the garden. May we always remain close to Him, and cognizant of the multifarious blessings that he continuously gifts us daily.

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