The Sleepwalker

I had an intense dream last night, which I’d like to document. I don’t always dream, but when they do come, there is a realism to them that far exceeds what you’d see in a Hollywood movie.

In this dream, I was listening as a friend of mine was explaining their fear that she may be losing her job. There was an inevitability around this fear that made it almost certain to happen. Her fear was palpable, as if it was one of the few elements of her identity that she was clinging on to.

At some point, she and her voice faded away. I got the sense that time had moved on, and we were now no longer in this earthly domain, although the connection to this world was there.

I witnessed¬† an entity, almost like a soulless golem, which was alive, but yet not completely so, trudging out of a warm house, trying to find something that it had lost. Every step that it took, you could feel the pain in every vein; I cannot really describe it well — the pain was one of absolute existence, emanating from the blood outwards (I could not feel the pain, but could sense clearly that the golem felt it, and I do not know whom the golem represents). It was walking away in to the night, through bushes that looked like they concealed dangers, but it stuck to a path that others had followed in the past, and thus remained safe.

At some point, the golem realized that it was heading towards an objective which was not good for it, which had become an obsession, almost like chasing a mirage. It had been deceived and was being drawn to its destruction.

It then decided to turn back (seeking something that it had almost forgotten). Every step that it took back to the warm comforting house, the pain subsided gradually.

The door of the house was huge, almost like a barn door, and full of light and whiteness. The golem turudged back through it, regaining it’s humanity with every step that it took as it entered the house.

It walked right through two rooms, and I got the sense that room it was looking for was accessible through a door that it could not see. It only knew that the objective it was seeking was behind a fire, and a sturdy internal structural wall. At this point, the golem had transformed almost into a human, and could not break through the wall, and would notionally be burnt if it walked through the fire.¬† However, with certainty that was lent to it by unknown sources, it walked through the fire without being singed, and it was then confronted by the wall. The wall was man-made, and with further certainty, it walked into the wall, and was suddenly on the other side, resting in a warm comfortable bed. I got the feeling that the Creator lent it/him/her (I don’t know who this was) a hand at this point, and shifted reality in a minor miracle to make everything right again.

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