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 ‘Islam and the Environment’ : Prince of Wales

There was a lovely and most insightful speech by the Prince of Wales on the topic of Islam and the Environment at  this link.
He touches on fascinating topics such as wise choices of technology, the existence of God, modern social pressures and the nature of our responsibility looking forward (in the context of higher realities).

 On Children

Being a father or mother is to hold the future in your hands.
The past is gone, and dwelling on it can only hide the reality….
The future is taking shape and is influenced by our choices today.
I salute the parents who bring up well-adjusted, civilized children that are a credit to the [...]

 On Movies (and Other Packaged Experiences)

just watched the Dark Knight. Conclusions:
1. Finally.. I’ve decided that movies are a complete waste of time. I don’t watch sports (much), and I no longer have any interest in movies (hmm.. does not apply to cartoons).
2. Contemporary plots are so simplistic and they really stretch the boundaries of believability to be [...]

 Thank you to Michael Ignatieff

Michael Ignatieff made a statement yesterday about the assault on the Freedom Flotilla.
Although I would have wanted a stronger condemnation, I respect his desire to get more facts before establishing guilt. However, I do expect pressure to end the blockage from Canada.
I sent him a quick thank you yesterday:
Dear Michael,
Thank you for your statement condemning [...]

 Letter to Michael Ignatieff about the Flotilla Assault

I wrote a letter today to the leader of the Liberal in Canada (Michael Ignatieff). The text is given below. Please take the time to write to your member of parliament or the leader of your party. Their email addresses are available at
Dear Michael,
I am an active member of the Liberal [...]

 Murder in the Middle-East

I am still  marveling that Netanyahu still insisits that the commandos killed in ’self-defence’.. they boarded a ship in international waters. That is piracy.
They attacked and killed aid-workers. That is murder.
If they were concerned about ‘arms-smuggling’ for Hamas, they could have requested an inspection of the ship. That would be the civilized way to deal [...]

 Chivalry (Futuwwa)

I really liked this post:
Being a Real Man in Islam
by Yahya Birt
Imam al-Qushayri [22] (rahmatu’Llahi ‘alayh) summaries what the nature of positive masculinity is. In Arabic this is called muru’a or manliness. Conceptually, manliness is closely related to futuwwa or chivalry. Imam al-Qushayri says in his famous Risala, “The root of chivalry is that the [...]

 The Birth of a Blog

I’ve decided to create a new blog where I can publish my notes on topics that interest me. Topics related to life, love, the spirit, society, kids, and all the wonderful aspects of our existence that make it all worthwhile will come here.
Topics related to work, technology, startup, and the aspects of our life that [...]